8грудня /201618:30 - 20:30

What are the connections between nature, culture and the Darwinist evolution and disruption of business ecosystems - in the past, today and tomorrow? During fast-paced and interactive session looking at yesterday to learn about tomorrow through the lenses of strategy, technology and globalization we will be:

  • Learning about human systems and behaviors from natural systems
  • Learning about cultural differences and how these relate to business ecosystems
  • Looking at the Darwinist evolution of business systems over the past 60 years with its linkages to technology and globalization - and why change is often so difficult
  • Pulling all of the above together through a case study based on system dynamics/soft systems methods using Microsoft/Intel/Dell as a short example, and then extending it to the case about Aerosmith/Guitar Hero to highlight the creative/disruptive/Darwinist nature of technology as related to business ecosystems.

The lecture will be fast-paced, interactive where possible and have multiple multimedia segments. I also would like, if time permits, to have an in-class exercise in groups of 3 or 4 to motivate the attendees in challenging what it means and is necessary to be successful in the current world.

Please Note: the event will be held in English with no translation.